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Drummer, what?

Hi I’m Kilian Muster, and I’m the interrupted drummer. After a hiatus of about 18 years, I finally got back to playing the drums and man have I missed it! At the tender age of 43 I got myself a Roland TD-11K digital drum set and I love every second of it!

Relearning this instrument, I believe I still have a few tips to share. I also find the new expressiveness that comes with digital drumsets to be very inspiring. Join me on this journey of discovery and maybe this old dog can teach you a few new tricks.

Some of My Topics



I’ve been having fun programming new kits and tweaking them. I’ll show you how I tweak drum sets to imitate sets in specific songs, and I’ll be posting kits for download.


Technique is about enabling you to play what you want, but playing musically is about restraining yourself to play what you should.


I’ll post some of my favourie grooves & tips I apply to play fill-ins and licks. I’m also going to break down more complex grooves into their elements for using recombining them in a flexible and more versatile way.

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